ARISTO is an international company with more than 15 years of experience and now, one of the most recognizable furniture brands in the market. We specialize in the production and supply of aluminum components and fixtures for wardrobes, interior partitions and dressing rooms. Fifteen years of successful work in the furniture market gives us the right to state with complete confidence that the company name has become a mark of quality. Our success and leading positions in the furniture markets are stemming from a number of fundamental principles.


Individual approach

Our clients know that we are ready to offer full consultation on every project and are willing to assist in making the right choice.

Logistic system

The implementation of our logistic services is always at highest level, the guarantees for storage and integrity of your order are ensured.

Modern technologies

We work with the latest-generation equipment and advanced technologies taking into account recent trends in production.
ARISTO invites to cooperation!
ARISTO invites to work together!



Creativity and professionalism

We develop, experiment and constantly follow the novelties of the industry. As soon as the market demands changes, we accept them and quickly change our approach. Welcome aboard ARISTO!

100% quality guarantee

Anything worth doing is worth doing well! To follow the agreements reached, to work in good faith, to respect the partner is our long-term credo.

Brilliant team

Yes, that’s true. Our team is our pride! Professionals in their field invest their skills, talents, ideas and energy to work for the company.

Comprehensive solutions

Nowadays, it is not enough just to invent a product, it is necessary to carefully consider the chain from point of production to the end consumer. ARISTO will help you in these issues.

Experience in the field

ARISTO is an international company with more than 19 years of experience.

Hight-quality raw materials

All products are made from high quality raw materials, which pass through the input control for compliance with state standards.

OTC system

Our products undergo strict quality control before being sent to the consumer. Our goal is to prevent any problems with the product and earn a customer’s smile!

Attractive financial conditions

We understand that our partners also need to earn! This is facilitated by the reasonable pricing policy of the company.


The ARISTO brand is widely known both among professional furniture makers and final consumers. It will be easier for you to sell products from a well-established brand.

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